Talk With a Doc: Podiatrist Dr. Bryce Paschold

We could not provide truly comprehensive healthcare without the over 125 specialty care physicians that volunteer to see our patients. They are truly special people, and we’d like to introduce you to them!

Dr. Bryce Paschold

Dr. Bryce Paschold has been volunteering at the Clinic ever since he joined the Orthopedic & Sports Enhancement Center 5 years ago.

He provides our diabetic patients with diabetic foot exams, including regular maintenance to help prevent future damage.

Dr. Paschold also sees patients with a range of foot and ankle problems, from patients with back or spinal issues that keep them from being able to care for their feet, to patients with jobs that keep them on their feet.

“A lot of times I’ll see people that are in a labor or blue-collar type job where they’re on their feet from 9 to 5…so they commonly will have heel pain or plantar fasciitis or arch pain,” he says.

Dr. Paschold says volunteering at the Clinic is different from his everyday medical practice.

“I feel like in today’s medical world, you just get bogged down with all of the bad parts, whether dealing with insurance every day…So it’s nice to come here and just practice medicine, treat people and help people.”

He says it’s fun, too: “The staff here is always great and really fun to be around, and everybody’s very upbeat. You can always walk out of here in a good mood. Some places you just get worn down with medicine these days, and it’s just not like that here.”

Do you know a doc looking for a way to give back to the community? Tell them about the Clinic!