Clinic receives Illinois Prairie Community Foundation funds for dental care

The Illinois Prairie Community Foundation has awarded $2,500 through the Sullivan Health and Wellness Endowment Fund to fund restorative dental care at the Community Health Care Clinic.

An estimated 90% of patients seen in the dental clinic will need some kind of restorative dental care. The funds will be used to purchase the raw materials needed to provide these services to our patients, including dentures, partials, bridges, flippers, crowns and fillings.

Missing teeth directly affect a patient’s health, appearance and self-esteem. Restorative care makes it easier for patients to maintain good oral care habits. This care also improves their overall health and well being by allowing them to eat a wider range of foods, feel relief from acute and chronic pain, and feel confident in their ability to navigate the myriad everyday social interactions most of us take for granted.

Since opening Feb. 1, 2019, volunteer providers have seen 67 patients at 189 visits inside the dental clinic.

The IPCF awarded a total of $140,613 in three categories of grants to 77 programs in McLean, DeWitt, Livingston and Logan counties. We thank them for selecting the Community Health Care Clinic from among the numerous projects and programs seeking funds in the community.

Learn more about the dental clinic here.