Building a Foundation for Healthcare Access

Providing quality healthcare to the medically underserved of McLean County through the operation of a free clinic.

Thank You Gift of Health Donors!

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Lee Ora Osborn - In Memory of Nick Osborn

The Honorable & Mrs. William Caisley

Marcus & Traci Zeller - In Honor of Leaha Lane

John & Danielle Kim

George & Gail Petro - In Honor of Sue McGinnes, NP

Sarah Knight - In Honor of Sue McGinnes, NP

Gretchen Monti

Lisa Krones

Betty & William Scanlon - In Honor of Father Greg Nelson & Father John Pham

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Marianne Allers - In Honor of Ronald Allers

Bonnie Schultz - In Honor of Dr. Paul E. Pedersen

Sue McGinnes

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John & Ann Burnett

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Krueger - In Honor of Dr. Chalian & Dr. Cochran

Frederick & Elaine Noyes

John & Linda Cully

Anonymous - In Honor of Opie Taylor

Wilma Garrison - In Honor of "All CHCC Staff - My Heros."

Thomas Whalen

Steve Wannemacher

Dennis & Rita Bridges

Willie Brown

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Jan Scott

Elaine Malay - In Honor of James A. Malay

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Rebecca Zuber - In Honor of Sue McGinnes, NP

Robert Hamilton

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Mark & Debbie Dalton

Chantal & Carl Sneed

Ralph & Linda Lehmann

Anonymous - In Memory of Mary & Clinton Britnell

Debbie Greene

Ruth Oesch

Dr. Jerry & Carole Ringer

Ellen Flanagan

Susan Silvey

Every dollar invested provides $15 in free health care to our patients. Donate today.

We are the foundation of healthcare access in McLean County.

Our mission is to provide efficient, high quality care through a free clinic model maximizing resources, volunteers, and community partners.

Our patients’ health and well-being is our priority.

Our Story

Since 1993, we've come together with local medical providers, businesses and religious organizations to help our community.

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Strategic Plan

We are pleased to share our 2018-2020 Blueprint for Health with our community.

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Our Staff & Board

Our dedicated staff and board members have a passion and commitment to our patients and the community.

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Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners are the “Community" in the Community Health Care Clinic and are vital to our work.

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Patients Served


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Health Care Savings in 2017


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Value of Volunteers


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New Patients Served


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Invest in Our Mission

When everyone invests in the Clinic, together, we provide millions of dollars in quality healthcare to our community.

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Medical Supply Donations

We have a dedication to recycle and upcycle medical supplies whenever we can, and are happy to take donations.

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Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

We are always looking for compassionate people to join our team.

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We offer comprehensive, patient-centered care to our patients to improve their health and the health of our entire community.

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Patient-Centered Medical Home

We are in the process of transforming to a Patient-Centered Medical Home Model that aims to improve the quality of patient care.

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Become a Patient

Find out if you are eligible to become a patient at the Clinic.

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Community Impact

We’ve been able to improve patient access, maximize resources and strengthen the quality of our services.

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