Community Impact

We improve access to care with the CAATCH Program, maximize resources by preventing hospital re-admissions, and strengthen the quality of our service with the Pill Box Program.

Improve Access

Coordinating Appropriate Access to Comprehensive Care (CAATCH)


  • Hospital cost savings: $562,000 
  • 163 patients referred
  • 78% of referred patients decreased hospital usage
  • No 30-day readmissions
Maximize Resources


  • 33 admissions
  • Only three 30-day readmissions
  • $555,000 in readmission prevention
  • $351,500 in prevented admissions


  • 48 admissions
  • Only three 30-day readmissions
  • $832,500 in readmission prevention
Strengthen Quality

Pill Box Program

Patients received pre-counted, pre-filled medication pill boxes every 28 days, along with detailed instructions.  The patients reported significant improvement in health empowerment and self-confidence in taking medications more regularly.


  • 68 participants as of March 2018
  • 45% took their meds more regularly
  • 56% of diabetics improved their A1C
  • 68% of hypertensive patients improved their blood pressure
  • 53% lowered their cholesterol
Every dollar invested has a $15 impact in patient services and avoided healthcare costs.