The Community Health Care clinic was founded in 1993 through the efforts of the McLean County Medical Society along with local businesses and religious organizations. These groups recognized the growing need for medical care for a segment of our population that was "slipping through the cracks" in our healthcare system. An organized, professional clinic that could deliver care was urgently needed. Since that successful beginning, patient visits at the clinic have increased dramatically, with the goal that visits to hospital emergency rooms will decline.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are reminded that our mission has been the constant guidance for our services.  The vision of our community and our founding board set forth over 20 years ago is as important today as it ever was.  As we grow and expand to meet the changing needs of our community, we will never lose sight of what's most important: our mission to provide quality healthcare to the medically underserved of our community through the operation of a free medical clinic.

Two Decades, One Mission is a video documenting our 20 year history of humble beginnings, compassionate patient care, critical community support, and amazing volunteerism.  Click on the chapter below to learn more about our unique and vibrant history!

The Beginning

Patient Care

Community Support

Caring Volunteers