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Our Story

The Clinic was established in 1993 through the efforts of our local medical society, hospitals, businesses and religious organizations in order to address a growing need for medical services for those who fell through the cracks of the local healthcare delivery system. In the early 1990s, local hospital leaders saw people repeatedly visiting the emergency departments for complications of chronic diseases and illnesses because they could not afford office visits and medications and had no insurance coverage.  They pulled together a group of community visionaries who believed everyone deserved quality healthcare without the barrier of cost. After touring the Will-Grundy Medical Clinic in Joliet, IL, Dr. Robert Reardon, Sr. and the committee brought this free clinic model back to McLean County and they created the Community Health Care Clinic.  The Clinic began as a 100% volunteer-run clinic and saw its first patient in March 1994.


When the group of community visionaries began working on the name, everyone agreed it needed to have the word “community” in it.  This was our community’s response to a local community problem and it was the community who needed to be fully engaged to make it successful.  Because it was a medical clinic, the group also wanted healthcare to be prominent.  They decided on “Community Health Care Clinic,” breaking out “health” and “care” to highlight Care and make it stand out.  Their passion and commitment to the patients really shined in their name and to this day our focus in on “community” and “care.”

In September 2016, the clinic completed a $1.7 million renovation on their new facility and moved into a 11,000 square feet clinic with expanded clinical space and medication dispensary, a dental clinic, and new patient education space for enhanced wellness and chronic disease management services. This new, welcoming environment not only enhances clinical care, it creates an environment that matches the quality, compassionate care that is delivered.

Watch the video to see the new Community Health Care Clinic.

Every dollar invested provides $15 in free health care to our patients.